Welcome to EPICURUS by ZEFYR LIFE, the leading destination for meaningful luxury. You will find here a variety of unique objects, either crafted for us or curated by us because they inspire us and hopefully will inspire you to lead a ZEFYR LIFE! A meaningful life, an impactful life. A life filled with culture, arts and design. A life honouring both your body and your spirit. By purchasing on EPICURUS you allow us to re-allocate a significant portion of our sales (ten percent) to causes that are worth fighting for, from curing diseases to preserving basic human rights and safeguarding our small planet.

ZEFYR LIFE aims to inspire its audience by engaging with individuals from all walks of life who challenge the status-quo and bring about change in the world. ZEFYR LIFE features intimate conversations with talented personalities whose lives are defined by uncompromising freedom, pioneering creativity and sheer willpower. In today's interconnected world, change can happen faster than ever. ZEFYR LIFE wants to encourage people to 'Think big, because the world is small' ©